Artist's Statement

Capturing the essence and evoking a sense of place and momentary experience

After working for so long as a designer with crafts men and women, factories and clients, it is a joy to work directly with paint on canvas. I am loving the immediacy and intimacy and the profound inner-knowledge this requires. My curiosity is peaked when laying one colour next to another, one mark over the top of the other, how the colours change, how an element can leap into the foreground or recede into the backdrop – how one small mark can change everything.

My process starts with a desire to capture the spirit of what I see and feel, to evoke a sense of place and the momentary experience. Like the fleeting cast of light that makes a green field incandescent before the clouds hide the sun again.

Drawing is the essential first step for all my paintings. The energy, line and colour of my initial studies inform my paintings along with the memory of the initial momentary experience.

The alchemy happens on the board or canvas. Working with the qualities of the paint, mark making, colour, saturation, transparency, luminescence, form, light and design I hope to communicate the ephemeral qualities that initially captured me. Essentially bringing the formless into form.

© Kathryn M Holford, 2020

Kathryn M Holford

2019 | Kathryn M Holford
Image: Marc Rodin