Kathryn M Holford

2019 | Kathryn M Holford
Image: Mark Rowden

Capturing the essence and evoking
a sense of place and momentary experience

In Kathryn's own words:

I am interested in the thread of connection between my previous practice as a glass maker, designer and sculptor and my new painting practice, besides the obvious artistic urge to create.

One could distil the aesthetics of my signature glass sculpture down to simplicity of line, light and colour, brought together in sensuous curving forms.

However, the inspiration for this work was personal spiritual experiences, and this is what they represent for me.

In my landscape paintings the lines are often defined by the influence of human life on a natural landscape; a path, a road, a boundary of some kind, ploughed lines in fields, telephone wires. The road cutting through the landscape is counterpoint to nature. It is where we as humans meet nature.

In the flower paintings the canvas becomes the boundary containing the profusion of nature within the square.

In my glass sculpture the form is the curving boundary, containing the wildness, the blended colours and the spiritual meanings.

I am interested in not just where and how we as humans meet the world but how our spirits and souls interact with our bodies and our environment and what happens when we do. AND how do I communicate these experiences and the emotions they inspire within my art?

I have discovered I like to use transparent colours in my painting, creating glazes, essentially building light into a painting. This use of colour mirrors the blending of glass colours within my sculpture, and the light is already there transmitted through the transparency of the glass.

I am beginning to see the use of line, light and colour as the physical aesthetic connection between the two mediums.

I can also see the desire to paint what I see, regardless of what others might see, what I feel, what I experience. Is the same desire to communicate my spiritual experience within my glass sculpture. For what is; looking upon a bough of blossom and the feelings of joy and wonder this experience arouses in us, as souls and humans, if not a spiritual experience.

Therefore, I am beginning to see how there is seamlessness in my artistic work. The divisions I saw in the past because of a change of medium are entirely immaterial.

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Kathryn M Holford chakra glass design

EMOTION, one of a series from the LUMINOUS SPIRIT sculptures. Hand-blown crystal
2014 | Kathryn M Holford
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Image: Gill Orsman